Welcome to the Trentino Club of Toronto

This is the home of the Trentino Club of Toronto. The Trentino Club of Toronto (formerly Tyrolean Trentin Social Club of Toronto) was officially formed September 15, 1965. The Club was established to maintain, promote and provide current and future generations of Trentini with a sense of community and knowledge of the Trentino heritage.

Latest Trentino Club News

6th Annual Toronto Trentino Club Golf Tournament June 23 2018

Our 6th tournament was the best yet! Thank-you all for your participation. The rain didn’t slow you down and the acqua santa kept your spirits up. A special thank-you to the hard work of our volunteers: Gemma and Edy Angeli, Franca Fanti, Lina, Debbie, Sarah, Lauren Daldoss, Alice Corazza, Natalia Prevedel, Elsa Bertolini, Chris Fancie, Franco [...]

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Il Premio June 20, 2018 Italian Contemporary Film Festival featuring Trentino

What an awesome evening !    Again this year the club was the title sponsor of an evening at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival featuring Trentino.   Nearly 100 Trentini gathered for the first North American screening of the  2017 short film “Stakhanov” from Trentino filmmaker Alex Scarpa followed by the acclaimed 2017 comedy “Il Premio” shot in [...]

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Casino Niagara Trip April 21 2018

The bus trip to the Casino at Niagara Falls on Saturday, April 21, provided a relaxing day of fun and company. Organizers Gemma & Eddy Angeli and Wanda Carotta took care of every detail and prepared the refreshments that accompanied the laughter and “allegria” on the bus. Whether playing at the casino or strolling on [...]

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Fatima and Adriano Marchetti once again put their energy into a worthy cause as organizers of a fundraiser to benefit the organization involved in research into the neurodegenerative disease ALS, on Friday, May 25, which was the last activity of the Club before closing until September. The menu featured the wildly popular menu of “tortei [...]

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Polenta e Crauti March 24 2018

The hearty dish of Polenta, crauti, smoked meat and salsicce is a delicious reminder of “back home.” Add some great company on a Saturday evening, and you have a winning combination! Then it’s no surprise that the polenta and crauti dinner held at the Club on March 24 was another resounding success. Of course, we [...]

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