2013 July August Baita

September 13, 2020   By Club Trentino

The months of June and July are relaxing months for the members, as we do not have any Club activities scheduled. The directors, though, are busy continually planning the future events. So rest up and get ready to be busy. Check out the calendar in this Baita or on our web site for these future events.

If you have checked out our web site you will see we have copies of the Baita’s of previous years. However, we are missing some. If you have any copies of these please send us a copy. MISSING – All issues for 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 – For 1980 we have the November issue but not the others – For 1982 we have the March issue but not the others – For 1984 we have the July issue but not the others – For 1988 we have the March, May & November issues but not the others – For 1989 we are missing the March issue but we have the others – For 1990 we are missing the November issue but we have the others. We do not have any issues prior to 1980. The pictures on the WEB are not all updated yet, but we will let you know when they are.

The next big event is the Picnic. See the insert for all the details. In the previous Baita we said there will be a surprise for the youth. Last year we had free burgers for the youth and this year we will also have free ice cream for the youth. The burgers and ice cream are not the surprise, the surprise will be a T-Shirt with our Trentino Logo. Reminder, the T-Shirts will only be given out to those children/youth that are present at the Picnic. We will have adult size T-Shirts available for sale.

The golf tournament is around the corner also. Please contact Dan Bertolini to register, see inside for details.

On August 27, members of the Cassa Rurale di Trento are visiting Toronto and we will be hosting a dinner for them at the Club. Anyone wishing to come and say hello and have a drink with these Trentini visitors, please do so after the dinner. We expect the dinner will be finished by 9:00 pm.

In the last Baita, I mentioned on how the price of our dinners will increase from $20 to $25 to cover increasing meal costs. Some Trentini approached me and asked how these extra $5 dollars will be spent since we are raising more revenue. This is a good question, and I encourage all Trentini to ask questions when they see me. If only a couple of people had asked me the same question, I would have answered them and not explained it here in the Baita. But when a few Trentini ask me the same question, then I assume others may have wanted to ask the same question also, so in this case, I am replying to you all. The extra money we raise will be to provide more for our children/youth. They are the future of our great heritage and Club. We want to do whatever we can to let them have good memories of our Club Events. To that end, we have increased our activities at the Picnic for the youth last year and we also increased the activities at the Christmas with Santa this past year. As you will see, we are doing additional things at this years Picnic for the children/youth and we will also have breakfast with Santa at The Casa Ricca Banquet Hall this coming Christmas. I hope you are all happy with the answer and I again encourage you to always ask when you are not sure of our intended goals.