Membership Info

Membership in the Trentino Club of Toronto is a statement by you, that you are part of this Trentino community.

To be a member of the Trentino Club of Toronto, you must be a descendant of a Trentino. A Descendant is a person who has Trentino lineage (a connection to a family member who was born in Trentino, being a parent, grandparent, great grandparent, etc.). Special considerations for membership can be considered, by the Directors, for those who show the true spirit of Trentino Community involvement and may not have Trentino lineage but Trentino connections (in-laws, friends, etc.). Please contact us to inquire about becoming a member.

As a member, you are entitled to a vote at the annual general meetings. If you, the paid member, are not able to attend the annual general meeting, then you can assign your vote, by way of proxy, to a board member or a family member that resides with you.

Membership also provides for a subscription to La Baita. This newsletter is issued 4 times a year. Every year, the fee for membership is due by February 28th of that year. The first issue of every year is mailed out to all members and non-members. Unpaid amounts after the second issue will result in cancellation of membership until the annual fee is paid. The reason for mailing to non-members is to promote and remind the non-members to rejoin the Club.

All members residing in the same household (same address) are considered members of the Club, but only one vote per household is allowed.

The annual fee for a member is $25.00

In addition, if a member wishes to receive the Trentino nel Mondo magazine (published 4 times a year) then an additional fee of $25.00 is to be paid to the Club.

Please make cheques payable to: Trentino Club of Toronto & mail to Trentino Club of Toronto.