2013 Sept Oct Baita

September 13, 2020   By Club Trentino

Where has the summer gone? As usual we look forward to the summer and after all the trips, barbecue’s and sun tanning (except for those cool and rainy days) we then say “wow it flew by fast”. See inside for some of the pictures of the three events we had in August. More pictures can be seen by going to our website www.clubtrentino.ca and on our Facebook page. Reminder, we try our best to get the Baita to you in the first week of the month. That means we start about 2 weeks before the end of the month. So as an example, this September/October Baita we try to get it to you by September 7 and we start on August 15 to get it ready. I say this so you can get to us any information, special events, for the Baita before the 15th.

Check out the Key Dates. There you will see all the upcoming events. At these events you will be able to see the renovation work that was completed on the bar at the Club. There was a lot of repair work to do but since things were getting old, we decided to do a complete overhaul. The floor tile and wall tile were replaced, thanks to Bruno Fedrigoni and Eddy Angeli. The plumbing had to be taken care of and new work done, thanks to Sandro Marchetti. Electrical work and a replacement of the freezer and purchase of a second fridge to lock the alcohol was needed, thanks to Dan Bertolini. The removal of all the old material was a big job, thanks to Eddy, Joe Marchetti, Rick Tanel and Dan. Drywall work and patching had to be done, thanks to Basilio Corazza and Joe. The cabinets were replaced, thanks to Joe. New duct work and ventilating, thanks to Dennis Fedrigoni, Rick and Joe. Painting needed, thanks to Rick and Maria Tanel. The selection of materials and colors by our interior designer, thanks to Deborah Finotti.

ITALIAN lessons on line. Attention parents and grandparents of children that have a desire to participate in future Trento activities. The children will need to know the Italian language. What better way than free lessons on line, sponsored by the Province of Trento. Go to the web page www.mondotrentino.net and go to the scholarship tab. The deadline for application is October 1, 2013.

Special celebration for Father Claudio Moser on September 15, 2013. Celebrating his 75th birthday and his 50th year of priesthood. You should have all received a mailing previously with the details to attend the event. Annual Casa Trentina General meeting is set for October 27, a separate mailing was done for this also.