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2013 Nov Dec Baita

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the Directors of the Club. Yes, Christmas is just around the corner and I am sorry to have to remind you so early, but our next Baita goes out in January, so here is our chance.

Key dates (see inside) – If you missed the Mass for the Deceased you may not have heard, Father Marco Bagnarol is leaving for Brazil January 31, 2014. He has been in Toronto for 10 years now and the church feels they need his great services for another community. Our loss will be their gain. Many good wishes and safe travelling to Father Marco. As a farewell to Father Marco, on Friday January 17, 2014, at the Club, we will be providing some wine and cheese donated by some of our Trentino advertisers and supporters. We will ask for $25.00 a person for this event which will be given to Father Marco to take back with him to Brazil to purchase goats for the community he is going to. The goats cost $200.00 each. Please email Adrianno or call me, David, to reserve a spot as we will have a maximum of 80 people for this event. At the General Meeting we will elect, for the next 2 years, the board of directors. The good news is all current directors of the board are returning and we will add another couple. So come out to the meeting, show your support and give some input on the things we wish to do for the future. – A BIG change this year, is Breakfast with Santa, at the larger banquet hall. Don’t miss this one as the kids will see something they have not seen before at our Christmas Event. Included in this Baita is the form for the Christmas Event, please complete it and make sure you note on it (at bottom) how many adults will attend. We will have lots of space this year so we hope parents and grandparents both attend. – Superbowl is coming. We had 18 people watch the event last year and we already have 30 confirmed for this year. So come on out, bring your friends and eat all you can eat for $25.00. Call to confirm so we order enough food for all.

Thanks to Franca Fanti, Maria Lorenzoni and Lucia Flaim for finding some of those missing Baita’s that we are trying to collect. We are still looking for the following Baita’s, so look thru those old boxes please: 2007 March; 2004 Mar to Apr; 2003 Jan to Feb, May; 1989 Mar to Apr; 1988 Jul to Aug; 1986 Sep to Oct; 1982 Jan to Feb; 1981 Jan, Apr to Jun, Sep; 1980 Jan to Feb, Sep to Oct; 1979 May; 1978 all; 1977 Jan to Sep, Nov to Dec; 1975 Jul.

The Triveneto trip for 2014 is set for June 27, 2014 to July 11, 2014. This is an action packed, sightseeing, historical trip to absorb the culture of the Italian North East. The travelling will cover Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Trentino and Veneto. A trip like this would normally cost $4,000 plus but it is available for $2,500 (price to be confirmed). There will be 9 youth and 4 chaperons going on this trip. The Trentino Club is to select 2 youth and 1 chaperon. For the 2 Trentino youth, preference will be given to youth between the ages of 18 and 21, still youth up to 28 can apply. For the chaperon, you will be responsible for the youth and taking turns driving a van and/or car that will carry half of the Group. If you have any questions and want an application form, please contact me, David Corazza, at 905-832-6404.

The date for the ITTONA convention is set, July 18 to 20, 2014 in Ogden, Utah. We should be receiving information on the convention in late November. Mark the date down to attend. I had the opportunity to visit a few weeks ago for the ITTONA President’s Meeting. The place is beautiful with the high mountains in the background that remind you of Trentino.

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2013 Sept Oct Baita

Where has the summer gone? As usual we look forward to the summer and after all the trips, barbecue’s and sun tanning (except for those cool and rainy days) we then say “wow it flew by fast”. See inside for some of the pictures of the three events we had in August. More pictures can be seen by going to our website and on our Facebook page. Reminder, we try our best to get the Baita to you in the first week of the month. That means we start about 2 weeks before the end of the month. So as an example, this September/October Baita we try to get it to you by September 7 and we start on August 15 to get it ready. I say this so you can get to us any information, special events, for the Baita before the 15th.

Check out the Key Dates. There you will see all the upcoming events. At these events you will be able to see the renovation work that was completed on the bar at the Club. There was a lot of repair work to do but since things were getting old, we decided to do a complete overhaul. The floor tile and wall tile were replaced, thanks to Bruno Fedrigoni and Eddy Angeli. The plumbing had to be taken care of and new work done, thanks to Sandro Marchetti. Electrical work and a replacement of the freezer and purchase of a second fridge to lock the alcohol was needed, thanks to Dan Bertolini. The removal of all the old material was a big job, thanks to Eddy, Joe Marchetti, Rick Tanel and Dan. Drywall work and patching had to be done, thanks to Basilio Corazza and Joe. The cabinets were replaced, thanks to Joe. New duct work and ventilating, thanks to Dennis Fedrigoni, Rick and Joe. Painting needed, thanks to Rick and Maria Tanel. The selection of materials and colors by our interior designer, thanks to Deborah Finotti.

ITALIAN lessons on line. Attention parents and grandparents of children that have a desire to participate in future Trento activities. The children will need to know the Italian language. What better way than free lessons on line, sponsored by the Province of Trento. Go to the web page and go to the scholarship tab. The deadline for application is October 1, 2013.

Special celebration for Father Claudio Moser on September 15, 2013. Celebrating his 75th birthday and his 50th year of priesthood. You should have all received a mailing previously with the details to attend the event. Annual Casa Trentina General meeting is set for October 27, a separate mailing was done for this also.

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2013 July August Baita

The months of June and July are relaxing months for the members, as we do not have any Club activities scheduled. The directors, though, are busy continually planning the future events. So rest up and get ready to be busy. Check out the calendar in this Baita or on our web site for these future events.

If you have checked out our web site you will see we have copies of the Baita’s of previous years. However, we are missing some. If you have any copies of these please send us a copy. MISSING – All issues for 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 – For 1980 we have the November issue but not the others – For 1982 we have the March issue but not the others – For 1984 we have the July issue but not the others – For 1988 we have the March, May & November issues but not the others – For 1989 we are missing the March issue but we have the others – For 1990 we are missing the November issue but we have the others. We do not have any issues prior to 1980. The pictures on the WEB are not all updated yet, but we will let you know when they are.

The next big event is the Picnic. See the insert for all the details. In the previous Baita we said there will be a surprise for the youth. Last year we had free burgers for the youth and this year we will also have free ice cream for the youth. The burgers and ice cream are not the surprise, the surprise will be a T-Shirt with our Trentino Logo. Reminder, the T-Shirts will only be given out to those children/youth that are present at the Picnic. We will have adult size T-Shirts available for sale.

The golf tournament is around the corner also. Please contact Dan Bertolini to register, see inside for details.

On August 27, members of the Cassa Rurale di Trento are visiting Toronto and we will be hosting a dinner for them at the Club. Anyone wishing to come and say hello and have a drink with these Trentini visitors, please do so after the dinner. We expect the dinner will be finished by 9:00 pm.

In the last Baita, I mentioned on how the price of our dinners will increase from $20 to $25 to cover increasing meal costs. Some Trentini approached me and asked how these extra $5 dollars will be spent since we are raising more revenue. This is a good question, and I encourage all Trentini to ask questions when they see me. If only a couple of people had asked me the same question, I would have answered them and not explained it here in the Baita. But when a few Trentini ask me the same question, then I assume others may have wanted to ask the same question also, so in this case, I am replying to you all. The extra money we raise will be to provide more for our children/youth. They are the future of our great heritage and Club. We want to do whatever we can to let them have good memories of our Club Events. To that end, we have increased our activities at the Picnic for the youth last year and we also increased the activities at the Christmas with Santa this past year. As you will see, we are doing additional things at this years Picnic for the children/youth and we will also have breakfast with Santa at The Casa Ricca Banquet Hall this coming Christmas. I hope you are all happy with the answer and I again encourage you to always ask when you are not sure of our intended goals.

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2013 May June Baita

May is here and we are all looking forward to planning our summer months. Please look at the Upcoming Events schedule and mark down those dates on your calendar. The past two months had some great dinners that you can read about in the next pages or view the full pictures on our web site The Picnic will be a special event (as always) and we will have a surprise for each of the children and the youth that are present, so don’t miss this one.

As mentioned in the previous issue of the Baita, the WEB is now up and running. Many thanks to James Buchanan (son of Edy (Daldoss) and James Buchanan Sr.) (grandson of Lina and Amo Daldoss) for all his hard work. You can see James business card in our Advertisers/Sponsor page. So if you need any WEB work, James is your man. Reminder, if you have any old pictures from Club events, please give them to any of the directors and we will arrange to get them on the WEB.

We are increasing the cost of our dinners starting in September from $20 to $25 per person. As you know we have been charging $20 for many years. We also asked people to donate gifts to our dinners and then sold raffle tickets ($5 each) to help cover the costs of the food. We will no longer sell raffle tickets at our events, that’s why we will now charge $25. If we do get prizes donated, we will use them as door prizes.

In this Baita you will see the Adidas sale and information on the Scholarships for the University of Trento. For those parents who would like their children to have a great experience and assistance with their education in Trento, take a look at the web site (note the site translates into English) and plan ahead. This may work very well for those in high school who are looking to see what opportunities are available in the future along with those who have a good grasp of the Italian language. Also on this web site is the list of the 22 young men in the Trentino world community who are taking advantage of the student exchange program. This is another wonderful way to gain experience into our Trentino culture and have our fellow Trentini learn about our culture.

Something new: a Club Trentino Golf Tournament August 17, put it in your calendar and let Dan Bertolini know ASAP. See inside for more details.

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2013 March April Baita

The year 2012 has passed ever so quickly, and here we are now in March. As we look forward to our next two events, March and April, do you notice how, in the Italian tradition, the events center around food, our Trentino food. Just think, this food was considered the food of the poor but today it is found in many restaurants in and around Toronto and is considered a delicacy. So come out to the dinners and enjoy. Our WEB page is now up and running. We still have more work to do on it, but check it out. Reminder, bring your old pictures so we can add them to the web archives.

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