2013 May June Baita

September 13, 2020   By Club Trentino

May is here and we are all looking forward to planning our summer months. Please look at the Upcoming Events schedule and mark down those dates on your calendar. The past two months had some great dinners that you can read about in the next pages or view the full pictures on our web site www.clubtrentino.ca. The Picnic will be a special event (as always) and we will have a surprise for each of the children and the youth that are present, so don’t miss this one.

As mentioned in the previous issue of the Baita, the WEB is now up and running. Many thanks to James Buchanan (son of Edy (Daldoss) and James Buchanan Sr.) (grandson of Lina and Amo Daldoss) for all his hard work. You can see James business card in our Advertisers/Sponsor page. So if you need any WEB work, James is your man. Reminder, if you have any old pictures from Club events, please give them to any of the directors and we will arrange to get them on the WEB.

We are increasing the cost of our dinners starting in September from $20 to $25 per person. As you know we have been charging $20 for many years. We also asked people to donate gifts to our dinners and then sold raffle tickets ($5 each) to help cover the costs of the food. We will no longer sell raffle tickets at our events, that’s why we will now charge $25. If we do get prizes donated, we will use them as door prizes.

In this Baita you will see the Adidas sale and information on the Scholarships for the University of Trento. For those parents who would like their children to have a great experience and assistance with their education in Trento, take a look at the web site (note the site translates into English) and plan ahead. http://www.mondotrentino.net/ This may work very well for those in high school who are looking to see what opportunities are available in the future along with those who have a good grasp of the Italian language. Also on this web site is the list of the 22 young men in the Trentino world community who are taking advantage of the student exchange program. This is another wonderful way to gain experience into our Trentino culture and have our fellow Trentini learn about our culture.

Something new: a Club Trentino Golf Tournament August 17, put it in your calendar and let Dan Bertolini know ASAP. See inside for more details.