January February 2014 Baita Newsletter

July 19, 2020   By Club Trentino

A Happy New Year from all the Directors of the Club to all of You If we review the year of 2013, I can say with great satisfaction for myself and for the Directors of the Club that we have had a successful year. Participation is the KEY to keeping our Trentino roots alive and well, and in 2013 participation was up in all areas, well done and a big thank you to all of you who participated. The meals were fully attended as usual so we cannot boast about that. The Club membership was 149 in 2012 and 194 in 2013, wow. The summer picnic was a huge success with over 300 in attendance and 60 T-shirts given away to the youth. The Santa event had 52 youth in 2012 and 82 in 2013, a double wow. This issue and the next issue (March & April) is being sent to all the families we have on our Trentino mailing list. And that total Trentino mailing list is 337 strong. What we the directors and other
volunteers of the community would like for 2014 is for our Club members list to grow. For those who are renewing, thank you. For those of you who were not members in 2013, show your Trentino spirit, complete the form and become a member. Membership is simply not completing a form, sending in the fee and reading about all the events. Membership is also about you helping the Club with your financial support that will continue this strong Trentino spirit and for you to participate in the events we hold. Did you go to a Trentino picnic or a Santa event when you were small and do you still remember it ? If yes, then let your children have that same feeling and participate. Do you sometimes think that, if I attend an event I won’t know anyone ? Well maybe yes, but the next event you will attend, you will remember someone, so participate. And the final question, Do you get a smile on your face when you see one of your parents friends who you have not seen in a log time ? If yes, then participate. We have elected a new board of directors of the Club that commences their duties for 2 years starting February, 2014. Firstly I am glad to say that all the current board of directors have agreed to stay. In addition we have added more to the board of directors, they are Carla Gembrini, Natalia & Franco Prevedel, Maria & Rinaldo Lorenzoni and Lorena Danelon. That makes 16 directors, excellent. Check the key dates in this newsletter for upcoming events and make a note of the big one, Saturday, February 7, 2015 will be our 50th Anniversary and we are planning some memorable events. So try to leave that date open on your calendar. And as a final comment if you did not know we have a WEB page for you to check out and we also have a Facebook page you can sign up for.